(The Sky Wanderer*)

Autobiography of a mystic

Kvetoslav Minarik in 1958


I am the one who has gained the initiation into mahayana, and transferred it to Europe, to pass it on as a fruit of auspicious karma, to people who are already at the end of the deathful night of unknowing.

    Foreword by Josef Studeny, direct disciple of Kvetoslav Minarik, currently the lineage holder (guru) of the Kvetoslav's school of teachings:

Josef Studeny: Has the old prophesy of Central Europe come true?

   Readers of the western hemisphere are familiar with biographies of the Kagyu order lineage holders, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa. Their biographies were written by their followers and admirers. We would like to present to the admirers of the Kagyu order, and not only to them, the story of a great member of this glorious order written by himself.  We expect that his autobiography will explain a lot about the continuation of the great teaching of the Kagyu lineage. So the first book to be published in English will be KECHARA (The Sky Wanderer)*, the autobiography of Kvetoslav Minarik.
   As a first example of Kvetoslav's opus, we present a paper titled Path to Immortality taken from his minor writings published in the book Yoga in the Life of Contemporary People.

   The full text of KECHARA is coming soon. Stay tuned, please. In the mean time check out our Feature Article:

Kvetoslav Minarik: Path to Immortality