In our effort we tried to keep the translated text as close to the Czech original as possible. In some cases this caused the text to be hard to understand. These end notes, marked by * in the text, are to explain some complicated passages and to comment unusual terms. They are mostly based on the Little Mystical Encyclopedia by Kvetoslav Minarik.

Antakharana: (sanskrit) "Inner organ", a factor connecting the ego with the autonomous psychological component of being.

Cement posture: In Kvetoslav's teaching, cement posture (position) is any asana from the three following asanas with folded legs: padmasana, svastikasana, sidhasana, or a kneeling position when a yogi sits in between heels.

Fate: Destiny

Inner life: Subjective mental and spiritual life. It is a sequence of events experienced by a person subjectively which may not have any physical manifestation.

White dynasty of gurus: The lineage of Kagyu order gurus and founders: Vajradhara, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Kvetoslav. See also Kagyupa

Kagyupa:, also Kagyu order: One of four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Found by Marpa the Translator (1012-1097) who brought and translated Indian scriptures to Tibet.

Kechara: (sanskrit, words ke and chara)  In the realm of Kvetoslav's teaching this word is understood as the Skywalker or Sky Wanderer. Also related to kechari mudra.

life philosophy: see philosophy of life.

Martushka: Martuška in Czech.

Outer Life: See worldly life.

philosophy of life: Is an ensemble of person's believes and opinions regarding his life

Scylla and Charibda: Are two sea-cliffs from Greek mythology (located near Sicily I think). These cliffs had the habit of approaching each other when something got between them and thus crashing all the ships going through. The saying "to be beween Scylla and Charibda" describes a psychological position with two negative conclusions which both need to be avoided, but it is very hard to fit in between.

Thymus gland: An inner secretion gland which ceases to function and gradually disappears in teen age. From medicinal point of view the role of this gland in the organism is not completely understood.

Worldly Life: The "real" physical or material life of a person. It is a sequence of physical events somehow physically conneted to the physical person.